Welcome to Sweets ‘n Supper

         My name is Ashley.   …..or “Ash”, “Mom”…”little slave woman who runs around, picks up everyone’s junk and cooks a lot”.  I can think of a few other choice names I have been called, but I think I think I will keep those to myself.  I am a food lover.  Yep, I said it..Fooood Looovveerr!!!  You know, one of those people who invite you over for “supper” & you arrive to find a giant buffet.  There is nothing more disappointing than going somewhere to eat, then feeling guilty about taking half a serving because you are afraid there won’t be anything left for anyone else.  Major letdown.

No, in my home, nobody will go hungry!  There should be leftovers and lots of them!  I keep carryout containers on hand because nobody will leave my home empty handed, ever.  This is how it was when I was growing up and it is something I feel is important to being a good hostess, or even just a good wife and mother.  My mom always made sure there was enough for everyone and it certainly was appreciated.

Now, I think I go a bit overboard at times.  Not only do I worry there will not be enough, I worry someone won’t like something.  This leads to the “buffet” ordeal, which generally includes dips, a few different deserts, multiple side options, and the list goes on.  Sometimes my husband will start in with the “we really don’t need all of this food and it’s all going to go to waste and the world is going to end blah blah blah” lecture.  Well, I have the carry out containers, so I’m not quite certain what his problem is.  Lighten up man.

In reality though, he has patiently put up with much of my craziness during our married years.  After having our three sons, I think he’s finding it a bit hard to remain so uptight about things.  We have so much going on already and I think he realizes that making the only women in the house angry is a bit counterproductive to maintaining a certain type of peace and order we strive to achieve around this house.

In addition to being a wife, stay-at-home mom, and an unpaid caterer, I am also a USDA licensed hedgehog breeder.  Motive-wise it is more of a hobby than a business, and work-wise more of a business than a hobby.  Find that odd?  That is only the start.  Our family also consists of a 175lb English Mastiff, who is best friends with our 10lb Shih-tzu and a duck named Noodles, who follows the dogs around the house wearing her bright, neon green duck diaper.  Noodles loves to torture Henry, the Persian, who in turn will try to hide by burying himself into my neck.  I have not yet been able to convince him that my hair does not make a great barricade against the duck’s brutal attack.  In addition to all of that, we have two ferrets (Yoshi and Coopa), two rats, and a cockatiel named Pepper, who greats our guests by waving at them with his little foot and by announcing what a “pretty bird” he is.  If bribed with cash, he will also do a little dance for their entertainment.

          Yes, it is an interesting household and by the end of most days I literally just want to beat my head against a wall, but honestly I would not change a thing.  My one escape is the kitchen; oh how I love the kitchen.  There are so many fun, interesting, and creative things you can do in that one room.  I have always wanted to start a blog in order to share the many great things I discover, whether they were created by my own hands or by the hands of others.  Well I have finally decided I will take that time for myself.  The plan is to post only recipes which have been a great success in hopes that they will be a success for others as well.  I hope you enjoy and find that one perfect thing that you have been searching for forever!


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